Friday, April 09, 2010

Sirius XM to Launch Another Geostationary Satellite

Sirius XM (aka Satellite CD Radio) applied for authority to launch another geostationary satellite (FM-6) to act as a backup to the previously launched geostationary satellite, FM-5. FM-5 , along with three NGO satellites, currently service the Sirius satellite radios. The XM side of the business has its own constellation.

The three NGO satellites were launched in 2000 and will be 12 years old when FM-6 becomes operational in 2012. The NGO satellites will be phased outs and FM-5 will be relocated to make the constellation nearly identical to the legacy XM constellation, allowing the integration of the two systems. The transmissions will be compatible with current of future generations of Sirius XM radios.

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and to think they were almost bankrupt a few years ago!! Good job sirius!

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