Thursday, April 08, 2010

And Liberty for None

Liberty Satellite Radio, that is. If WorldSpace thought Liberty Media was bluffing when it terminated negotiations, it may be thinking differently now. In December of 2009, Liberty Media filed for a consent to acquire two satellites from AfriSpace, the Debtor in Possession of the satellites used for the WorldSpace service in India. The name of the company would have been Liberty Satellite Radio. Today, April 08, 2010, Liberty Media withdrew its request from the International Bureau of the FCC, officially ending its quest for world domination.

AfriSpace has threatened to decommission its satellites. We have not yet been unable to find any evidence that it has made any filings with the FCC to do so. Liberty may be calling AfriSpace's bluff.

Is it over? Doubtful. It's valuable spectrum, and if it is returned to the FCC, it will likely be a long time before it is used. No one wants that to happen. Keep watching. The saga continues.

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Anonymous said...

Good, competition would be nice. Instead of it being just like sirius/xm, FM partially without commercials, I want my XM back the way it was.