Friday, April 11, 2008

OT: Enforcement Bureau Issues Major Notices of Apparent Liability

The Enforcement Bureau (EB) of the FCC has issued numerous high dollar notices of apparent liability (NAL) "for failure to place the required Consumer Alert label immediately adjacent to and clearly associated with television receiving equipment" warning them that certain TVs were analog only and would require converters after February 17, 2009. Here are some samples:

CompUSA $168,000
Fry's Electronics $384,000
Target $296,000
Best Buy $280,000
Circuit City $712,000
Wal-Mart/Sam's $992,000
Sears Roebuck $1,096,000

In addition, the EB hit numerous manufacturers with NALs for failure to comply with V-Chip requirements:

Polaroid $775,000
Proview Technology $300,000
Precor Incorporated $357,900
Syntax-Brillian $1,277,100

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