Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sirius Proposes to Test New Equipment and Services

Sirius has filed for an experimental license "to research, design and demonstrate prototype satellite radio equipment for use in its satellite digital audio radio services (“SDARS”) system and to research, design and demonstrate new services or enhancements to its existing services." Sirius would conduct experiments at its engineering labs in Vernon, NJ, and Lawrenceville, NJ.

Sirius describes the purpose as:

Sirius continuously seeks to update its technology that it uses and the services that
it offers to consumers. Thus, Sirius needs the capability to test new and prototype
equipment or service enhancements to ensure that they function correctly before
commercial production or deployment. The production of SDARS equipment and the
introduction of new services are both expensive undertakings, and Sirius needs the
capability to test its technology before expending these resources.

There aren't any clues as to what the new equipment and services might include. All we know is that it is entirely within the Sirius band.

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1 comment:

SSF said...

It would be nice if Sirius created a Consumer Research Team. They could base it out of the NJ location which has one of the largest subscriber bases in the country.

Their are quite a lot of us subscribers who appear to have more experience with the equipment then even the internal testers. Just look at the SBS forums!

Sirius: Start allowing us to test pre-released products and you will most likely avoid 75% of the issues current devices face. Whoever is in charge of testing new equipment prior to release is missing the mark here.