Friday, February 01, 2008

OT: Into the Fray

We go to the ends of the world to bring you news that's important (actually, we have day jobs). Tomorrow we begin our journey into the "largest annual human migration in the world". Reports are not encouraging. It's into the fray and hope for the best. Shouldn't be too bad (famous last words); everyone is trying to get out of Shanghai, not in to it. It's the Lunar New Year in China, the biggest holiday of the year and it is when everybody goes home. Southern China is having some of the worst weather in decades, but it is also affecting other areas. Just another adventure.

If you are over that way, there is a good chance you will find us at the Big Bamboo enjoying the best cheeseburger in the world. And if any of you have favorite spots in Shanghai, let us know and we will check it out.

We will be in contact. Internet access is good, although slow at time.

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