Friday, January 04, 2008

WCA Applies for Experimental License to Test WCS Transmissions on Satellite Radio

Today, the Wireless Communication Association (WCA) filed for an experimental license "to conduct a limited experiment into the vulnerability of Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (“SDARS”) subscriber reception devices to overload and out-of-band emissions (“OOBE”) interference caused by mobile consumer devices operating in the 2305-2320 MHz and 2345-2360 MHz Wireless Communications Service (“WCS”) band. The WCA plans to use the licenses on Horizon Wi-Com. The WCA joins Horizon Wi-Com, Comcast WCS, and Sirius in its desire to conduct tests to document the impact of the WCS transmissions on satellite radio. All of these applications are pending. Horizon WiCom and Comcast WCS are members of the WCS Coalition.

The WCA describes itself as "the founding member of the WCS Coalition", the arch nemesis of satellite radio.

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