Friday, January 11, 2008

The FCC International Bureau Issues a Flurry of Grants

The FCC International Bureau issues three minor satellite radio grants today. First, the Commission granted authority for XM to operate two low powered replacement repeaters in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The first was due to a building being demolished around December 12, 2007. The other was due to a building demolished in July 2005.

XM was also granted authority to operate a very low powered repeater in its new Vienna, Va. location, where, among other things, it will have a Listener Care center. The WCS Coalition initially objected to it but later withdrew its objections.

Not to be left out, Sirius was granted authority for a short, 30 day authority to operate a low powered repeater and 2 signal boosters at trade shows in the last half of March. Sirius intends to demonstrate its services at MERA 2008 in Louisville, Ky.; the New York Auto Show 2008; and MATS 2008, also in Louisville.

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