Wednesday, January 09, 2008

AT&T and Other ISP's May Start Filtering the Net for Copyrighted Material

AT&T, Microsoft, NBC and other digital filtering companies met in a panel discussion at this year's CES to discuss the network filtering of copyrighted material. The idea is that the ISP networks would "sniff" the data packets sent for copyrighted material and would prevent the downloading of infringing material. Unsurprisingly, the RIAA is one of the groups behind it. Comcast is already clamping down on traffic from BitTorrent on its network.

What does this have to do with satellite radio? It could have a lot to do with it. Many people have iPods and MP3 players. Honestly, I don't know of a single person that pays for the music that they play on them. If illegal downloading were stopped, it would kill the MP3 and iPod market. It would make satellite radio a much more attractive alternative. Although the ISP's will catch a lot of grief, it is potentially great news for satellite radio.

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