Monday, November 05, 2007

Georgetown Partners Latest to Lay Claim to Bandwidth

Radio Online featured an article last Friday about the opposition of the merger by Georgetown Partners (GP), unless the deal is re-structured. It is based on a filing by GP to the FCC on October 18, 2007. GP describes itself as "a minority-owned closely-held limited liability corporation that invests in and manages various properties, including those related to communications."

The group is adamantly opposed to the merger, describing it as, "Simply put, the Sirius and XM transaction as presently structured is detrimental to the public on every meaningful front."

Obviously, it is not too opposed to it. As a remedy, GP advocates the sub-leasing of part of the channel capacity to a minority-controlled entity. In an exparte filing today, GP was more specific. It wants at least 20% of the channel capacity set aside for minority programming to ensure competition and diversity in the satellite radio marketplace. Conveniently, GP would be the one to answer the call.

Unlike Primosphere, GP is not legally entitled to be a satcaster. As a consequence, there could be legal issues with this proposal.

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