Monday, October 22, 2007

XM to Test Health of XM1 and XM2 Satellites

XM recently requested three Special Temporary Authorities (STA's) for 30 days "to assess the performance of the XM system and the state of health of the XM−1 and XM−2 payloads." The testing will be be conducted in the center of XM's spectrum, normally reserved for the repeater network. The transponders will be operated at saturation while the EiRP measurements are made. No doubt that this is an effort to improve the redundancy of the system to avoid the fiasco that resulted in the temporary lost of one satellite and the repeater system.

XM1 and XM2 serve as in-orbit spares for XM3 and XM4.

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Anonymous said...

XM/Serius, first there there was surf AM/FM, surf TV, surf the Internet, now surf satelite.. Crap! you people don't get it. Everthing will suck sooner or later. Why! because people suck. You're driving us to get sick of each other. I love it when there was two radio and two tv stations. If I didn't like what was on, you know what, I shut the shit off. There was limitless to do If you could only depend on yourself. That was the key. We are taught dumb! lol