Monday, September 24, 2007

Sirius Receives Authority for 5 New Repeaters

Today, Sirius received grant of authority to operate five new repeaters:

Cincinnati (84-23-19.0, 39-13-10.0)
St. Louis (90-31-53.4, 38-45-10.2)
(2) Houston (95-31-02.70, 30-00-35.60), (95-25-35.4, 30-07-18.6)
Miami (80-26-25.9, 25-33-44.5)

The FCC has been reacting reasonably with the repeater requests since accepting average power as the measure as opposed to peak power. Sirius applied back in July. All of the above repeaters are rated at 2,000 Watt EiRP average.

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