Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WCS Coalition Proposes Compromises to Coexist with Satellite Radio

Yesterday, the WCS Coalition filed a proposal that would allow the WCS licensees and satellite radio to coexist. This is a significant departure from their scorched earth policies of no compromise of the past. It is a breakthrough. The Coalition seems to be making a sincere efforts this impasse.

Of course, there is something in there for them. The Coalition wants higher out of band emission limits to make their service more practical. The Coalitions makes the point that the Commission imposed the present limits based on the worst scenario for WCS implementation. Today, the WCS licenses belong to a handful of companies that intend to implement WiMax. The strict limits, they argue, are not applicable. The higher out of band emission limits could results in interfere to satellite radios.

As a compromise, they have agreed to accept repeaters operating at 2,000 Watt or less AVERAGE EIRP. In the past, the Coalition has insisted on PEAK. It is really a moot issue as the FCC has recently approved repeaters based on average power, deferring the final decision. The Coalition had already seemed to have lost this issue, but this would make it official.

However, the Coalition steadfastly refuses to accept the "grandfathering" of the the existing, higher powered repeaters.

With the two sides seemingly willing to talk to each other, the a resolution of the repeater issues may be at hand.

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