Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sirius/ICO/TMI Connection

This is a followup to the followup on ICO, the company that filed comments in the XM/Sirius merger proceedings indicating that it might be in position to compete for dash space with satellite radio.

There is a Sirius connection that goes back to 2005, when the FCC was trying to determine what to do with 24 MHz of bandwidth in the MSS spectrum when 3 licensees surrendered their authorization to use it. On July 13, Sirius urged the FCC not to give this recently freed up spectrum to ICO and TMI--the only remaining licensees for MSS-- and to consider alternatives.

Later, on July 29, 2005, Sirius proposed itself as the beneficiary, encouraging the FCC to give nothing to ICO and TMI and to give all 24 MHz to satellite radio and in particular to give it all to Sirius, because it was out of bandwidth to expand its service. Naturally, this generous proposal was not well received by others attempting to gain access to additional spectrum. Sirius reiterated its stance in its reply to comments.

This time frame coincided with the time XM was attempting to acquire additional spectrum in the wcs band from WCS Wireless.

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Thanks for the information. To be honest, I'm not sure just what to make of it all.