Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sirius Files for Experimental License to Test Repeaters

On Monday, Sirius filed for an experimental license "to carry out experiments with new models of satellite digital audio radio services (“SDARS”) terrestrial repeater equipment." "Recently, Sirius has been updating its repeater/antenna design and technology." Rather than test them on site, Sirius would like to set up a test site to test the repeaters before deployment. It intends to test repeaters at or below 2,000 Watt EIRP average, the power level for which the FCC has given recent approval. Power levels above 2,000 Watt have been vigorously opposed by the WCS Coalition. The area Sirius has chosen is Las Vegas, where conveniently it has not been able to get approved to operate a replacement repeater operating above 2,000 Watt. Sirius plans to test up to 10 "relatively low power repeaters" at this site. The area will be an 80 kilometer radius around Las Vegas.

Update: Application dismissed without prejudice on October 17, 2007, because Sirius failed to provide the AFTRCC coordination paperwork requested by the commission on September 13, 2007. Sirius' top engineer, Terry Smith, did reply to the request on October 15; it was either inadequate or too little, too late.

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