Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sea Launch Neglects to have Licences Transferred

Opps! Seems that when Sea Launch was re-incorporated on January 1, 2004 as a Delaware Limited Liability Company under the name Sea Launch Company, L.L.C., it neglected to request that the licenses be transferred. Now that the error has been discovered, Sea Launch has asked the FCC to transfer the license as though the mistake never occurred. In order to ensure that that doesn't happen again, it has made arrangements with its "largest equity holder, Boeing, to assist in the management of its FCC license resources. Boeing’s Frequency Management Services (“FMS”) includes a large professional staff of RF engineers and administrators, who are extensively trained in the FCC’s regulatory and procedural requirements."

XM and Sirius know well the woes of startup companies in navigating the government bureaucracy. The two made mistakes in how the repeater networks were managed. We say that Sea Launch deserved some measure of forgiveness.

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