Monday, June 11, 2007

Audiovox XpressEZ

Details are out on the new Audiovox XM XpressEZ radio, apparently known internally as project Bullwinkle. One can download the manual here. Most of you have probably seen the photos on Orbitcast, but if not, here are more photos. And, finally, for those that want to see what's under the hood, you can find those photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't waste money on this unit. I had a Delphi Skyfi stolen & while on the phone with XM to cancel subscription, let the sales rep convince me this was a "good deal". Just installed it & it's terrible. Static was terrible until I ran this Sureconnect to external antenna. Lack of memory buttons sucks, to scroll through the pitiful 10 memory stations, you have to push "Favorites" button 10 times. Regret my impulsive purchase.

Geoff said...

I agree - lame receiver. One warning to add - XM will not take returns on this product (they must know it is A poor product). I called and XM does not stand behind that product at all! That was not disclosed to me when I made my "impulsive purchase." I too wish I hadn't.