Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snapster Vs. Napster

Rasprodz responded to Napster's opposition to Rasprodz registration of the the Snapster trademark. Rasprodz agreed with a large part of Napster's opposition. However, they did disagree on the following points:

They requested proof of the continuous use of the Napster marks. We are not sure what planet they are from.

They also argued that their customers were not the same as those for Napster, their customers being Radio or TV stations, not the general public.

In addition, Rasprodz argued that both the -ster suffix and the Nap or Span suffix are common terms. We learned something. Nap is a term used in horse racing for the predicting and forecasting of results. Snap relates to a well known card game, obviously not too well known to the author. We are not quite sure what this has to do with anything.

Other than the customer base, the Rasprodz answer seems to be rather lame.

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Anonymous said...

a nap is what in horse racing? So Imus was refering to race horses?

Anonymous said...

I notice that there has been no update on the site. You might be interested to hear that Napster have withdrawn their application against Snapster. Maybe the response was not so lame???

Bert said...

Nice find. I was looking at the case just today and in my haste overlooked the fact that Napster had indeed withdrawn its opposition.