Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sirius Wins Dismissal Against AGT

We stumbled across some old news here. On October 20, 2006, AGT filed a complaint against Sirius alleging that Sirius interfered with its business relationship with Ki Ryung.

AGT was spun off from US Electronics and manufactures satellite radios for XM. Ki Ryung manufacturers satellite radios for Sirius. AGT was in the process of entering into a deal with Ki Ryung to manufacturer HD radios, a completely different business. Sirius stepped in and caused Ki Ryung to terminate the business deal because AGT was a competitor to Ki Ryung who manufactures many of Sirius' radios. Sirius sought dismissal of the complaint and on March 08, 2007 the NY court dismissed the complaint against Sirius.

As you might recall, US Electronics has a similar suit filed against Sirius claiming that Sirius interfered with its business. They would do well to read the order of the court.

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