Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Opps! AT&T Files Application to Correct Technical Parameters for Antenna

The WCS Coalition has been highly critical of XM's and Sirius' corrections to the technical parameters regarding their repeaters, often referring to the repeaters as "illegal" or "unlawful". It now appears that AT&T, the ring leader of the WCS Coalition, has made some technical corrections to an antenna for which it is responsible. Apparently, it is also guilty of operating an "unlawful" transmitter. It just goes to show that those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

The Coalition has even been critical of the satellite radio providers for giving coordinates that were off by 50 or 100 feet and antenna angles off by a few degrees. How do these "unlaw" conditions stack up against AT&T violations? They can't even get the frequency band correct. It was classed as a C-band antenna when it was actually a Ku band. It has operated as a Ku band antenna since 1993. Regardless whether the original fault lies with AT&T, they have been operating an "illegal" antenna for the Air Force for quite a while. The antenna location and height were also different from the original application. Even the government makes mistakes.

Perhaps now the WCS Coalition will see the minor violations voluntarily reported by XM and Sirius in a different light. Doubtful, but at least this gives the satellite radio providers some ammunition.

Seems that these technical corrections can happen to the best of them. Let's see if the FCC treats them any differently. This will be an excellent test case to see if the FCC is discriminating against satellite radio due the the pressure applied by the likes of AT&T.

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