Thursday, May 17, 2007

In the Eyes of the Beholder

Delphi had a patent application published today for post processing of compressed digital video in automobiles. The technology is intended to enhance features more noticeable to humans, such as the eyes. It allows for higher compression of the other video less noticeable to the human eye. It is a way of tricking the viewer to perceive the video content as being of a higher quality. Both XM and Sirius apply similar "tricks" with the audio.

United States Patent Application 20070113242
Kind Code A1
Fetkovich; John E. May 17, 2007

Selective post-processing of compressed digital video


The primary issue regarding the transmission of digital video to automobiles is limited bandwidth. To help combat bandwidth issues, compression techniques have been developed to reduce the high bit rate required for transmission and storage. However, methods for improving the perceived quality of digital imagery, particularly at low bit rates, are critical. The present invention discloses a technique that will improve the perceived quality of digital imagery to the viewer by using selective post-processing of decompressed digital video. The human visual system (HVS) is very sensitive to human eyes and faces. Regions of interest (ROI), such as human eyes or faces, are selectively post-processed in appropriate video frames prior to being displayed to the viewer. If a subject's eyes are sharp, the viewer will perceive good image quality, despite poor rendition elsewhere. If the subject's eyes are blurry or poorly rendered, the frame will appear poor to the viewer, despite sharpness elsewhere.

Inventors: Fetkovich; John E.; (Kokomo, IN)
Correspondence Name and Address:
M/C 480-410-202
PO BOX 5052
Serial No.: 280907
Series Code: 11
Filed: November 16, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 725/19; 382/118; 725/135
U.S. Class at Publication: 725/019; 725/135; 382/118
Intern'l Class: H04H 9/00 20060101 H04H009/00; H04N 7/16 20060101 H04N007/16; G06K 9/00 20060101 G06K009/00

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