Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coalition Urges FCC to Make Sirius' Backseat Video Take a Backseat to WCS Operations

Satellite radio's arch nemesis, the WCS Coalition, responded to Sirius' answers on backseat video. The following statement sums up their response:

'Thus, if the Commission finds on the record before it that Sirius Backseat TV is a permitted “ancillary service,” the Commission must do as it has done in similar situations and condition Sirius’ operating authority consistent with Section 4.4 of the ITU Radio Regulations, making any video offerings by Sirius secondary to WCS operations.'

The Coalition seems to resign itself to the fact that Sirius will offer backseat video, but if there is a problem, Sirius must remedy the situation or turn it off. There would seem to be little chance of it interfering any more than the audio signal.

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