Monday, April 09, 2007

NAB Files Comments Against Merger

Last Friday, April 06, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) filed comments opposing the merger of XM and Sirius. NAB stated its intention of filing a Petition to Deny the merger. This comes as no surprise. NAB filed a series of documents under a single notice with the FCC under Docket 07-57.

The first document makes the points that the proposed merger is:



Violates FCC and Congressional Policy and Antitrust Law

Conditions are Red Herrings (SRTW Note: A distraction from the real issues)

In the second document, David Rehr questions the validity of the merger: "Indeed, one must question whether there is any credible justification for this merger." We are wondering this as well. Also, this is where Rehr states that NAB will file a Petition to Deny the Merger.

The third document is by David H. Solomon, former Chief, FCC Enforcement Bureau and former FCC Deputy General Counsel and Partner in the legal firm representing the NAB. He outlined the FCC related concerns raised by the merger. He harps on XM's and Sirius' alleged FCC violations and blows it all out of proportions. In our opinion, it is a non-merger related concern.

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