Friday, March 30, 2007

XM Withdraws 30 Application to Relocate Repeater To Harrah's Casino and Hotel

Today, XM withdrew its application to relocate its repeater formally located at the StarDust Hotel in Las Vegas to Harrah's Casino and Hotel. No explanation was given, but 30 days has long past and it is now a moot point. In the last letter to the FCC about the application, XM blasted the WCS Coalition for continuing to play games with the average versus peak power. The Coalition recently acquiesced and said they would no longer oppose the repeaters on these grounds and would wait for the FCC to decide the matter in a rulemaking.

Update: April 01, 2007

At the same time that XM withdrew the above application, it filed for a 180 day authority to operate a repeater at Harrah's to cover the Strip. The original 30 day application was granted and was used to cover the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is no longer needed for that purpose and was therefore withdrawn. The present application is on a more permanent basis. It is marginally lower in power that the repeater in the 30 day grant.

It all makes sense now.

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