Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WCS Coalition Delivers Shocker

Arch nemesis WCS Coalition delivered a shocker on Monday. They stated that they would not oppose Sirius' request to put repeaters in Hawaii and Alaska, nor would they oppose the 15 additional repeaters that Sirius requested. They will no longer oppose any repeaters below 2,000 EIRP. Previously, they opposed any repeater operating over 2,000 W EIRP peak. Despite their objections, the FCC granted the STA for XM to operate a repeater at PGA events that exceeded this limit, stating that they would resolve the issue of peak versus average in a rulemaking proceeding. The Coalition acquiesced and will no longer opposed repeaters on this basis, provided that they are operated on a non-interference basis and below 2,000 EIRP, peak or average.

This is nothing short of a break through for repeaters operating below 2,000 W EIRP.

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