Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sirius Indoor Signal Repeater

Remember Dr. Argy Petros, XM's RF front end specialist in the early days? He left XM to form his own company called Think Wireless (TW). Anyway, today his company received a grant for a Sirius indoor signal repeater. Some of the documents indicates that it is more or less identical to the XM signal repeater. Evidently, his company has the rights to the units, either that or XM has licensed the technology to Sirius.

System Overview

Sirius compatible indoor signal repeater

2.3 GHz (Sirius band) to 900 MHz (ISM band) frequency translation

TX unit receives Sirius signal via Sirius antenna at 2.3 GHz, down converts it to 900 MHz and rebroadcasts the signal

RX unit receives re-broadcasted signal from TX unit at 900 MHz, up converts it to 2.3 GHz and feeds Sirius radio

Ideal for indoor use in the home or office

Each Sirius radio connected to a RX unit can be placed up to 75 ft away from the TX unit

Signal penetrates typical walls, doors, floors etc. found in structures in North America

Supports multiple Sirius radios with single TX unit as long as Sirius radio is connected to a RX unit and is within range of TX unit

Works with both indoor and outdoor antennas

Update: The only other grant to Think Wireless is for the receiving end issued a few day earlier.

There is other literature that leads one to believe that this will be marketed by Directed.

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