Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OT: NAB Requests STA for Mysterious New Technology

The NAB requested an experimental special temporary authority (STA) today to demonstrate a new DTV technology at an upcoming access-restricted industry forum. NAB requests that the details be kept secret and that the FCC expeditiously grant the application. We don't know; using their logic, perhaps this is something that should be put up for public comment. This is how they describe it:

NAB states that the instant application for special temporary authority must be granted expeditiously because the broadcast demonstration for which an STA is needed is to occur March 16 – 21, 2007 at a limited-access industry forum. NAB only recently obtained the technical details of the technology to be demonstrated (and necessary to the completion of the instant application). The broadcast of such proprietary technology is central to the demonstration. Such demonstration will show broadcasters the potential of newly-emerging technology for advanced digital services.

In another part of the application, they state, "NAB has filed an application for Special Temporary Authorization for an experimental DTV station utilizing advanced proprietary technology." So, we know that it for some new digital TV service. "

The reason they request confidentiality is that, "Details of this technology’s functionality are confidential and contain trade secrets. Information regarding the existence of this technology has not yet been made public. Public disclosure at this time could put its developer at a competitive disadvantage."

Perhaps it is the TV equivalent of HD radio. It is hot stuff: "Disclosure of the existence or details of the proprietary technology could alert competitors to this technology of its existence and status, thereby revealing information before the developer is ready to announce."

They plan to announce this new technology on April 16, 2007.

See File Number: 0150-EX-ST-2007

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