Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Filing Comments with the FCC International Bureau

Want to file your own comments to the FCC International Bureau? Here's how. The International Bureau is different from the rest of the FCC in this regard. It is not yet automated, although the FCC is presently working on this. So, basically, one has to send or fax a letter. (It is possible to email the comments, but this is something that was volunteered and it a privilege we would not want to see abused. We could package comments to the FCC in this matter.)

The process is simple. One mails the comments to the secretary of the FCC, noting the application. The header example below was taken from an application by the WCS Coalition. It is an excellent example:

Ms. Marlene H. Dortch
Federal Communications Commission
445 Twelfth Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554

Re: Request Of XM Radio Inc. For Special Temporary Authorization Regarding Digital Audio Radio Service Terrestrial Repeater – File No. SAT-STA-20070205-00026


Also, you will need to include your name and address. Warning: All information will become public.

The only difficulty is know the correct application or file number (such as File No. SAT-STA-20070205-00026). If you need to know the application number, send us an email.

XM'ers, don't be out done by Sirius! Let your views be know too.

Update: Here are some of the relevant proceedings:

SAT-STA-20060623-00067 Sirius-Request for 16 addition repeaters

SAT-STA-20061013-00121 Sirius-Authority to operate 11 repeaters that were shut down

SAT-STA-20061013-00122 Sirius-Same as above, but only for 30 days.

SAT-STA-20061107-00131Sirius-Repeaters for Hawaii and Alaska

SAT-STA-20061107-00132 Sirius-Relocation of Las Vegas repeater

SAT-STA-20061207-00145 Sirius-Authority to operate 15 new low powered repeaters

SAT-STA-20061208-00146 Sirius-Relocation of Las Vegas repeater (30 day)

SAT-STA-20070424-00063 Sirius-Repeater for stock holders meeting

SES-T/C-20070320-00379 Sirius-Transfer of control

SAT-STA-20061002-00114 XM-Authority to operate current repeater network (30 day)

SAT-STA-20061013-00119 XM-Same as above, except 180 day

SAT-STA-20061013-00120 XM-Request to operate 14 new repeaters

SAT-STA-20070222-00036 XM-Request to operate signal boosters and very low powered repeaters

SAT-STA-20070223-00039 XM-Extension of time to drift XM-1due to solar activity

SAT-STA-20070330-00059 XM-Las Vegas substitute repeater

SAT-T/C-20070320-00054 XM-Transfer of control

SES-T/C-20070320-00380 XM-Transfer of control

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