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All I Want for Christmas is My Sirius Satellite Back!

Representative Tim Holden made an inquiry at the request of a constituent to the FCC about the 11 repeaters that Sirius voluntarily shut down due to non compliance issues. I salute the constituent getting involved and Representative Tim Holden for his follow up. If only all subscribers and representatives were this conscientious...

First, the constituent letter. It only recently became available, although it goes back to the end of last year. Tim, in this case, is the District Director. Names and numbers have been changed:

Hi Tim,

Thank you for such prompt follow up.

Sirius Satellite Radio utilizes terrestrial ground repeaters to send their signal into buildings, under bridges and so forth.

They are apparently, or were, out of FCC compliance with several of these units in Pennsylvania and Delaware as I understand the situation and had to shut them down on Friday Octobcr 13th. When you drive into a parking garage, under a bridge, through a tunnel, or down a tree lined street. You lose the reception and a message that says “acquiring signal” displays on your receiver.

I spent the past few weeks emailing and calling back and forth with their customer service, investor relations and other departments to ascertain the facts. The last conversation I had on December 5th with Ms. Azure Rae(arae@siriusradio.coln) was the clearest explanation I received. According to Ms. Rae, the FCC paperwork to bring SIRIUS into the correct compliance has been submitted to the FCC and is now in their hands awaiting action.

In the meantime, anyone with Sirius Satellite service in the Harrisburg/ Central PA region is unable to fully utilize our paid subscription based service. SIRIUS has provided me with a three month credit to my account, but this does not give me what I am paying for. I do not want to switch to XM satellite. I would have to purchasc all new equipment and they do not offer the same programming.

I can furnish a two month long running string of emails if you desire for background or feel free to contact me for more detail at this email address or my cell # 999 999-9999.

All I want for Christmas is my Sirius Satellite back! Tim, Could you please ask someone on Congressman Holden’s staff to inquire of the FCC to get them moving on this matter in a reasonable timeframe? In the grand scheme of things this must appear a small matter, but it plays a role in my daily business activity as well as my personal listening pleasure.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
John B. Doe
9999 Anywhere Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17 999 -9999


Next is Representative Holden's Letter to the FCC:


Ms. Diane Atkinson
Congressional Liaison Specialist
Federal Communications Commission
445 Twelfth Street, SW, Room 8-C445
Washington, DC 20554

December 27, 2006

Dear Ms. Atkinson:

My constituent, Mr. John B. Doe, has requested my assistance regarding
his Sirius Satellite service. Enclosed please find a copy of an email that explains the situation in more detail.

Any consideration you can give to the review of this matter and a reply to my office would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter.

Member of Congress


And, finally, here is the FCC response:

Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554

February 12,2007

The Hon. Tim Holden
2417 Raybm House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative Holden:

This letter is in response to you letter on behalf of your constituent, John B. Doe, requesting information about the status of certain applications filed by Sirius Satellite Rad0 Inc. (Sirius).

As noted by Mr. Doe, Sirius filed two applications on October 13,2006, in which Sirius notified the Commission that eleven ground-based stations (‘repeaters”) had been operating at locations and with technical parameters different from those authorized by the Commission. Two of these repeaters are located in Pennsylvania: one in Harrisburg, the other in Philadelphia. Sirius informed the Commission that these eleven repeaters, including the two in Pennsylvania, are no longer operating. In the Same applications, Sirius requested authority from the Commission to resume operation of these eleven repeaters. Other entities have opposed Sirius’ applications and have expressed concern that the operation of the repeaters could pose a risk of interference to
wireless licensees in neighboring spectrum bands.

Commission staff is actively reviewing the two applications and the related filings. Please be assured that the Commission plans to take action as expeditiously as possible on these applications, taking into account the complex technical and legal issues raised by them.

A copy of this letter and related correspondence will be included in the public file
of the two applications (file numbers SAT-STA-20061013-00121 and SAT-STA-
2006 10 13-00122).

Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance in this matter.

Helen Domenici
International Bureau

Update: March 29, 2007

Two more letters surfaced today: The first was handled by Representation Platts; the second, by Senator Arlen Specter.

The FCC's response to both was the same as above.

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