Thursday, March 29, 2007

ABA and HAB Join NAB in Petition to Deny Sirius Authority to Operate Repeaters in Hawaii and Alaska

On March 19, the Alaska Broadcasters Association and the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters joined the NAB in a Petition to Deny Sirius the authority to operate repeaters in Alaska and Hawaii.

Sirius has stated that they have subscribers in Alaska and Hawaii; however, we doubt any subscriber in Hawaii actually receives a signal.

There are reports of subscribers in Alaska that receive satellite radio. Whether there are subscribers in Anchorage, Juneau, or Fairbanks is unknown to us. The Alaska Broadcasters Association should explain to the good people of Alaska why they should be second class citizens. We invite them to let the FCC know how they feel about it. The people of Alaska deserve the same choices as the rest of the union. As far as Hawaii goes, we are not convinced that anyone receives satellite radio there with a conventional satellite radio receiver.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard any update on this issue (repeaters in AK)? We recently moved to Alaska and received service through very remote, mountainous regions of Canada, but alas, no service in the Anchorage area. Anchorage's population is roughly 300,000 and I am sure Sirius would benefit if repeaters were approved by the FCC.

Bert said...

There has been no action by the FCC since last February and no activity since last April. The Commission seems to be avoiding making a decision on anything controversial. Where there is no controversy, it seems to be moving at a reasonable pace these days.