Thursday, February 01, 2007

XM Withdraws 30 Day Application to Operate Repeaters at PGA Events

XM withdrew its 30 emergency application to operate a repeater at PGA Events because the application became moot. XM filed a type 180 day application back on November 14, 2006. When the FCC dragged its feet on that one, XM was forced to file a 30 day emergency application on December 21, 2006 to cover the PGA events in January. These events have now past. The FCC dragged its feet too long. Score another one for the WCS Coalition (more or less AT&T). The Coalition refused to give the FCC permission to grant the application because XM did not specify whether or not the repeater would operate at 2,00o Watt peak power (evidently the Coalition is now calling the shots at the FCC these days). XM was defiant in its application and refused to back down. They paid a price for it. XM rightly points out that the Coalitions objections are irrelevant, since there are no WCS operations with which this low powered repeater could interfere.

Unless the FCC decides to act, it could be the end of PGA events on XM. What used to be ordinary now has become a hassle. The difference? The WCS Coalition. This is a very serious situation. Ultimately, it could lead to the shutting down of all medium and high power repeaters. It would have adverse affects on XM's and Sirius' operations in major cities.

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