Tuesday, February 20, 2007

XM has Patent Application Published to Convert Signals

On February 15, 2007, XM had a patent application published for converting a broadcast signal of one type (including ancillary data) into a broadcast signal of a second type. It appears to be an XM to Sirius converter, or visa versa. If so, it could solve some the OEM issues with the merger.

This application appears at the European Patent Office. It is strange how it appears on several accounts. First, there is only the abstract information. The application itself is not there. We haven't yet been able to locate a US equivalent. We recognize none of the inventors. None of the inventors show up on any US applications. Buchheim shows up on one patent for a portable digital audio player, but nothing related to satellite radio. The abstract is pretty much self-explanatory, so here it is:


Publication number:WO2007019432
Publication date:2007-02-15
- international:H04J1/05; H04J1/00;
- European:
Application number:WO2006US30701 20060807
Priority number(s):US20050705497P 20050805

Abstract of WO2007019432
Provided are a broadcast signal interface unit and method for converting program content and ancillary data of a first broadcast type into a broadcast channel of a second broadcast signal type. The broadcast channel of the second broadcast signal type is provided to one or more broadcast receivers of the second broadcast signal type in order to reproduce the program content and the ancillary data. The broadcast signal converter includes a converter for generating the broadcast channel of the second broadcast signal type. The generated broadcast channel of the second broadcast signal type comprises the program content and ancillary data.

Edit February 22, 2007

Our first thought was that it had to be a conversion from one satellite radio signal to another. Upon reflection, it could be for any type of digital radio. For instance, it could be for HD Radio or digital FM or whatever one would like to call it. Not long ago, XM had a patent application published for digital remodulation. This appears to be for converting an XM signal to digital FM. The description is similar, but the inventors are altogether different. Here is the abstract on that one:

United States Patent Application 20060126716
Kind Code A1
Williams; Wendi ; et al. June 15, 2006

Digital remodulation


A method (30) of digital remodulation of a received or source signal using a digital audio radio (116) having a first digital radio frequency path (119 to 116) or using a first digital radio frequency comprises the steps of re-encoding (38) the received signal to provide a re-encoded digital signal, reformatting (40) the re-encoded digital signal into a new digital format signal, and digitally modulating (42) a radio frequency carrier with the new digital format signal. The method further comprises the step of selectively switching (42) a radio frequency path of the digital audio radio from the first digital radio frequency path to a second radio frequency path (114 to 116) or from the first digital radio frequency to a second digital radio frequency having the radio frequency carrier with the new digital format signal.

Inventors: Williams; Wendi; (Lake Worth, FL) ; Marko; Paul; (Pembroke Pines, FL) ; Wadin; Craig; (Sunrise, FL)
Correspondence Name and Address:
P.O. BOX 3188
Assignee Name and Adress: XM Satellite Radio, Inc.

Serial No.: 012579
Series Code: 11
Filed: December 15, 2004

U.S. Current Class: 375/240; 375/242
U.S. Class at Publication: 375/240; 375/242
Intern'l Class: H04B 1/66 20060101 H04B001/66; H04B 14/04 20060101 H04B014/04

Edit: February 23, 2007

More details have been made available for this patent application. It now appears that it is not a satellite radio to satellite radio conversion. It is a satellite radio to FM-RDS conversion.

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Anonymous said...

If Google search the names of the inventors you'd quickly learn that Rocco Tricarico is the VP of Product Marketing at XM Radio. It appears that Don Krcmarick has some technical role there & the others are outside consultants/developers.