Friday, February 09, 2007

Sirius Patents Antenna for Improved Reception

Sirius recently patented an improved satellite radio antenna. It is very rare that one sees a new Sirius patent. XM has nearly 4 times the number of patents and applications. We almost missed this one.

United States Patent 7,167,128
Akturan January 23, 2007

Modular patch antenna providing antenna gain direction selection capability


A modular patch antenna includes a first module and a second module. The first module comprises a first metal or metal plated radiating layer, a second, middle dielectric layer, and a third metal or metal plated ground layer; the second module comprises a frame that attaches to or fits onto the periphery of the first module and comprises a dielectric layer, or the same three layers as the first module. The first module provides favorable satellite signal reception. By superimposing the second module around the first module, the antenna provides improved terrestrial signal reception. This capability could apply to Satellite Digital Audio Radio Systems systems. This provides capability of changing the antenna gain beam direction towards the desired signals at a user's location. Users of such systems can perform this function manually.

Inventors: Akturan; Riza (Edgewater, NJ)
Assignee: Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. (New York, NY)
Appl. No.: 10/678,463
Filed: October 3, 2003

Current U.S. Class: 343/700MS
Current International Class: H01Q 1/38 (20060101)
Field of Search: 343/700MS,846,873

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