Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mt. Wilson Changes Story

It was reported here on Friday that Mt. Wilson, owner of an FM station in Los Angeles, filed a petition to deny Sirius' application to operate repeaters in Alaska and Hawaii. Sirius challenged Mt. Wilson as a party-in-interest based on the information supplied. On February 01, Mt. Wilson filed a supplement stating that it is the licensee for the FM translator station K288CS in Kawaihe, Hawaii carrying the FM signal from station KRTR-FM in Kailua, Hawaii. Therefore, it believes it has standing in this application and has the right to file the petition. It wasn't a small detail to leave out, even though it is a stretch to consider that as having standing.

On January 30, Mt. Wilson also replied to Sirius' opposition to their petition, challenging Sirius to prove that it has "customers" in Fairbanks, Juneau, and Anchorage, Alaska and Honolulu,Hawaii, where Sirius proposes to put its repeaters. Anybody out there from these locations have a subscription to Sirius or is a customer of Sirius? Sirius should not have a problem finding customers with addresses in these locations in Alaska. It would truly surprise us if Sirius has any subscribers in Hawaii that can actually receive the satellite signals with ordinary equipment. However, it would not surprise us that there are customers with addresses in Hawaii. "Customers" was perhaps a poor choice of words by Mt. Wilson.

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Anonymous said...

"customers" So an online subscription from Hawaii would suffice. Also.. when XM lanched there was someplace a method of using an old TV dish and the XM antenea mounted to it to receive a better signal in alaska. I do not know it this was bogus or real. But I do remember it.