Wednesday, February 07, 2007

King of All Media

Howard Stern wants to make it official--he is the King. Last September, he applied for the trademark. We missed it then. It was only recently turned over to the examiner (January 31). Yesterday, it was approved for publication. In approximately 2 months, it will be published for opposition. It is a long process before it becomes official.

Serial Number: 78970100 Assignment Information

Registration Number: (NOT AVAILABLE)


(words only): KING OF ALL MEDIA

Standard Character claim: Yes

Current Status: Approved by the examining attorney for publication for opposition. This is NOT the beginning of the Opposition period. In approximately two months, please visit the web site to learn the actual date of publication for opposition in the Trademark Official Gazette.

Date of Status: 2007-02-06

Filing Date: 2006-09-08

Transformed into a National Application: No

Registration Date: (DATE NOT AVAILABLE)

Register: Principal

Law Office Assigned: LAW OFFICE 109

Attorney Assigned:
GOODMAN WENDY BETH Employee Location

Current Location: L9X -TMEG Law Office 109 - Examining Attorney Assigned

Date In Location: 2007-02-06


1. Stern, Howard

Stern, Howard
c/o One Twelve Inc. 600 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
United States
Legal Entity Type: Individual
Country of Citizenship: United States


International Class: 041
Class Status: Active
Entertainment services, namely, live and recorded performances and radio, satellite, and television broadcast performances, all by a radio, satellite radio and television personality featuring humorous observations of the human condition
Basis: 1(a)
First Use Date: 1994-00-00
First Use in Commerce Date: 1994-00-00






2007-02-06 - Approved for Pub - Principal Register (Initial exam)

2007-02-06 - Examiner's Amendment Entered

2007-02-06 - Examiners Amendment -Written

2007-01-31 - Assigned To Examiner

2006-09-13 - New Application Entered In Tram

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Anonymous said...

ummmm OK.. but... errr... "All Media" ???
Like what Movies? Dont you need a hit movie for that?
Like what? 22 million listenres at his highest estimate (5% of population)
Like What? Sat Rad? News papers? Mag's? TV? PPV? I know its a trade mark or what ever.. but ... It would be an impressive thing if it were true. But its not. Stern is grat in his own right. but do not extend past that.. he will make himself a fool.

Anonymous said...

you're a jackass. he's made a highly successful movie, Private Parts. He's also the greatest on air personality of all time, shaping both TV and Radio. Get your facts straight ding dong.


Anonymous said...

I know of private parts.. infact I have it. But its not that great of a movie. and it was not a smash hit. There are so many other movies out there that gained awards for nearly everything. Facts? how about someplace the ranking of Private parts? what about how much it truly grossed? Fact is that you do not know do you? King of Movies could arguably be Stevphen Speilberg or Wes Craven or Peter Jackson.. not Howard Stern.

So.. king of TV? Whats the highest rated TV show and how far down the list do you need to go before you get to howards show?

King of the internet? that would have to be a race between the likes of google,yahoo and AOL .. no howard there

King of Newspapers? I would go got News Corp Prez Rupert Murdock on that one.. again .. not Howard.

What Magizine has the highest circulation? No howard

As for Radio.. I never said he was not the King of talk "shock jock" radio did I? I even said that Stern is great in his own right. In his element.

As for TV.. how the heck did he shape TV? Pay per view is not a new concept and his pay per view show is not a huge profit maker in any way.

So.. this "Ding dong" just so happens to be a stern fan but... This "Ding dong" also has a firm grasp on reality.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where the guy above was coming from, but writing a 2 page essay on this website isn't saying much about you. KING OF ALL MEDIA YOU ASSSSSSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

king of all media - it's a self proclaimed title. i can call myself king of all you internet blogging morons. it's a title that gets him publicity, recognition and huge money. anyone who doubts this - take a look at his paycheck. i think it would be pretty obvious he knows what he's doing. maybe when you start getting paid like him you can talk. bababooey to you all!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please. Howard is becoming irrelenant in the entertainment industry and is just looking for a way to get his name back out before the public that is forgetting all about him. He sealed his fate when he made the deal with Sirius and left commercial radio with alot of malice.