Sunday, January 07, 2007

WCS Coalition Conditionally Opposes XM's Request to Operate a Repeat at PGA Events

On January 05, 2007, the WCS Coalition asked the FCC to conditionally deny XM's 180 day request to operate a repeater at PGA. Why? Because XM did not specify whether the repeater would operate at peak or average power. XM does not specify it because is mandated to be peak power. If XM promises to keep it below 2,000 Watt peak power, then the Coalition will not ask the FCC to deny the request. The Coalition also takes the opportunity to needle XM for saying the repeater was needed as a fill-in for satellite coverage. XM, of course, does not have satellite coverage in Hawaii, where two of the events will take place. They don't oppose it on those grounds; they just took the opportunity to point out XM's faults.

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