Friday, January 19, 2007

NAB Meets with FCC Once Again to Discuss Repeaters

The NAB met with FCC once again to discuss XM's and Sirius' repeaters. This is the second such meeting. Both XM and Sirius are seeking approval of their "as built" repeater networks. Specifically, they discussed Sirius' intention of using repeaters in Alaska and Hawaii.

NAB also requested that the FCC open an investigation into the facts and circumstances regarding the deployment of these repeaters.

Are the repeaters interfering with terrestrial radio? Of course not. Why does NAB care so much? No doubt, they would like for satellite radio to disappear. They are creating as much havoc as possible for satellite radio. Their goal is clear. They are using the FCC to do their dirty work.

The FCC mandated continental US coverage (CONUS) for satellite radio and highly encouraged the satellite radio providers to provide coverage in Alaska and Hawaii and other territories. It would be disingenuous at this point for the FCC to deny the people of Hawaii and in particularly Alaska high quality satellite radio service. Does the NAB think the good people of Hawaii and Alaska are second class citizens?

NAB also encourages the FCC to place XM's and Sirius' 30 and 180 day applications on public notice for comment. This is a favorite delay tactic by NAB. However, they are too late. It is already on public notice and that is why we are able to see their comments.

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