Thursday, December 28, 2006

XM Receives Grant of Authority to Relocate and Operate Repeater

Today, December 28, 2006, XM received the Grant of Authority to relocate and operate its repeater formerly located at the StarDust Hotel is Las Vegas for 30 days. XM needs this for the upcoming CES.

It was reported here yesterday that the WCS Coalition had consented to XM's request. The FCC acted on the Coalitions consent today.

Sirius made a similar request, which was quickly granted the first time around. After complaints from the Coalition, the FCC has held up granting the second 30 day request. The issue with Sirius' repeater is that it operates above the 2,000 Watt EIRP limit, above which the Coalition claims could cause interference with a WCS operation--that is if there were such an operation.

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