Monday, December 18, 2006

XM Applies for 30 Day Authority to Relocate Repeater at the StarDust Hotel

Today, XM filed a 30 day request to relocate a repeater at the StarDust Hotel, which will be razed in early 2007. It will be for an 800 Watt repeater and will be used for the CES in December and January. XM presently has a 180 day request, which includes the operation of a medium powered repeater near that location.

XM was required to move the existing repeater by December 15. It's about time they filed this. They are not quite on the ball as they used to be. Sirius filed a similar request long ago--which was granted--and recently filed for an extension.

Although the WCS Coalition opposed Sirius' request, XM makes the point that its repeater will operate below the 2,000 Watt threshold. The Coalition has stated that they are not opposed to repeaters operating below this limit.

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