Thursday, December 21, 2006

WCS Coalition Opposes Sirius' StarDust Hotel Repeater Relocation

No surprise here. The WCS Coalition filed a formal opposition to Sirius' 180 day request to relocate the repeater formerly located at the StarDust hotel, soon to be razed to the ground. The FCC immediately approved the first 30 day request by Sirius but is still sitting on the second 30 request. The 180 day request is semi-permanent until official rules are established. The repeater at the StarDust Hotel has previously been approved by the FCC. Now, both Sirius and XM are being forced to relocate their repeaters due to the impending destruction of the hotel.

The Coalition is being entirely unreasonable to oppose the relocation of this repeater. Their main opposition is that it is over 2,000 Watt EIRP. Fine, that can be understood. But the fact remains that the FCC approved the repeater and now it is just a matter of moving it to a new location. Someday, maybe, there may actually be a WCS operation. They will need cooperation as well. They are setting the stage for a contentious relationship that will do them no good in the future. But, they are backed by the likes of AT&T and Bell South, so they have all the clout on their side. So far, they seem to have the FCC's ear.

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