Thursday, December 14, 2006

WCS Coalition Consents to XM's Request to Operate Repeaters at Tradeshows

Today, the WCS Coalition consented to XM's request to operate repeaters at trade shows. That was damned magnanimous of them.

Just yesterday, the Coalition blasted XM over its "illegal" repeaters. It was in response to XM allegedly going on the offensive against the WCS Coalition in an Ex Parte filing on December 07. That filing has not been made public yet, as far as we can ascertain.

The Coalition is really unreasonable. They state that they have no objection to XM moving their repeaters 100 ft or lowering their antennae 3 feet in order to comply with the original STA. They are so petty. If the original request had been made under the current situation, then request would have been granted just the same. I wonder if they would feel the same if XM built out according to the original request, with many more high powered repeaters. The present system is much to their advantage, but they are too ignorant to realize it. They want XM to put its repeaters in compliance with the original STA? XM should do just that.

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