Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The WCS Coalition Blesses XM's 30 Day StarDust Repeater

The WCS Coalition consents to XM relocating the repeater formerly at the StarDust Hotel and operating it for 30 days. Initially, they opposed it because XM didn't specify whether it would operate at 800 peak Watts or average Watts. Since the FCC specifies it as peak, it should have been obviously, but XM gave the Coalition assurance that it would be peak and they subsequently gave their approval. The WCA website where this was located, amusingly calls it an 800 KW repeater.

They also state that they have no objection to the repeater request for PGA events provided that the repeater operates below 2,000 Watt peak. However, the Coalition advises the FCC not to move forward until XM commits to operate it below 2,000 Watt peak.

XM, of course, does not feel the need to specify the obvious but has done so for the repeater at the StarDust Hotel in order to placate the Coalition. We are sure they will do the same for the PGA events request. Sirius and XM would like to use average power as the standard, but until the FCC permits it, the standard will be peak power. The coalition, apparently out of ignorance, accuses XM of "conspicuously" avoiding and being "coy" about it.

No doubt, the Coalition will NEVER give their blessing to Sirius' request to relocate their repeater formerly at the StarDust Hotel, since it has two sectors operating at 4,400 Watt each, despite its being a simple replacement of an already approved repeater. The FCC expeditiously granted Sirius' first 30 day emergency request before the Coalition could object. However, Sirius filed for a second 30 day request, which the FCC has now held up.

The WCS Coalition is composed of most if not all of the WCS license holders in the continental US. The Coalition, lead by the AT&T-BellSouth behemoth, successfully blocked XM's attempted acquisition of WCS Wireless by using delay tactics. The Coalition is dominated by AT&T-BellSouth, the largest WCS license holder.

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