Thursday, December 21, 2006

Videotron and CF Cable Permitted to Distribute Satellite Radio

In its decision today, the CRTC approved the distribution of satellite radio programming on the cable channels of Videotron and CF Cable. The decision is similar to that allowed for Rogers Cable. The satellite TV carriers have been denied to opportunity to carry satellite radio on its channels. The decision is given below:

The Commission approves an application by Videotron Ltd. and CF Cable TV Inc. to amend the broadcasting licences for the cable broadcasting distribution undertakings serving various locations in Quebec, in order to add a condition to each licence authorizing the licensee to distribute, at its option, the audio programming service of one or more licensed satellite subscription radio (SSR) undertakings on a digital basis, subject to the following provisions:

* the licensee is not permitted to use the signals of conventional radio programming undertakings, with the exception of those required to be distributed under section 22 of the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations (the Regulations), to fulfil the preponderance requirement set out in section 6(2) of the Regulations, unless a subscriber is already receiving at least 40 channels of one or more pay audio programming undertakings; and

* the Canadian-produced channels of the SSR undertaking being distributed will be considered Canadian programming services for the purposes of section 6(2) of the Regulations

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