Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sirius Requests Authority to Operation 15 Repeaters

Description: Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. herein requests a modification of its Special Temporary Authority to operate fifteen low-power satellite digital audio radio service terrestrial repeaters.

The repeaters are all 2,000 Watt EIRP. The repeaters include 5 in Atlanta; 2 in Chicago; 1 in Cleveland; 1 in Detroit; 1 in Kansas City;' 1 in New York; 1 in Orlando; 1 in Phoenix; and 2 in Tampa.

Sirius states that any opposition to these repeaters operating at 2,000 Watt bears the burden of proving that it will cause interference or is contrary to the public interest. We can't wait to see what the WCS Coalition has to say about that.

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