Friday, December 08, 2006

Sirius Request Another 30 Day Extension to Relocate Repeater at StarDust Hotel

Today, Sirius requested another 30 day extension to relocate a repeater at the StarDust Hotel, which is being destroyed. The first request was routinely granted. However, the WCS Coalition chastised the FCC for doing so. It will be interesting to see if the FCC does the same this time. There is no reason why the FCC should not immediately grant it. If not, we will know that politics are involved. Here is the summary of the request:

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. herein requests a renewal of its 30-day Special Temporary Authority to relocate one of its terrestrial repeaters in Las Vegas, NV due to the destruction of the Stardust Hotel and Casino.

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Anonymous said...

Would Sirius be able to just build the repeater where it should go and when the FCC grants it, be turned on? (Are they doing that already?)

Bert said...

The original application has already been granted, so Sirius is likely operating it now, although the original 30 Day authority has now run out. They might have shut it down. I don't know. The FCC quickly granted the original request before the WCS Coalition could respond. The present request has not been granted. If it is not granted in the next day or two, it could indicate trouble. The WCS opposes any repeater over 2,000 Watt. Although the repeater is similar to the one it is replaces (two sectors at 4,400 Watt versus one sector at 8,800 Watt for the original), the Coalition opposes it for no apparent reason other than to be as big a pain as possible.

To answer your question, yes, I believe they could build out a repeaters in anticipation of being granted the authority to operate it, but it would be at their peril.