Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Experimental License for an FM and AM Transmitter

A group filed for an experimental license today to broadcast emergency messages to passing cars across the entire FM and AM dial at distances of 500-600 feet. Not only that, they feel that they should be fee exempt. You won't believe the excuse they used. Just when you thought you had heard them all ... Perhaps XM and Sirius should have tried this one:

We strongly feel we should be considered to be fee exempt because we are sixth graders experimenting on a Christopher Columbus Foundation Experiment. We are trying to provide this as a service project to our community.

One can't argue with the justification for the the experiment:

We need this license before we can do any type of experimentation with our project.

NAB no doubt will object and will file dozens of complaints with the FCC.

On a more serious note, the experiment is described as follows:

We are attempting an experiment that requires an STA because it will be using radio waves. This experiment will brodcast an emergency message over the surrounding vehicles radios while an emergency vehicles sirens and lights are activated. This message will be transmitted approximately 500-600 feet. In our studies of our community, we have found that many people are unable to hear an emergency vehicle approaching due to the fact that the vehicles radio is being played too loudly. In our studies we have also found that inclement weather and cooler/colder temperatures lead to a decreased ability to hear because the vehicles windows are shut and the radio is activated. Through this experiment, we are hoping to better alleviate this problem.

The purpose of the experiment is given as:

We are entering an exhibit to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation for a 2008 Christopher Columbus Award. We are going to be building a radio transmitter to transmit a message that states An emergency vehicle is approaching, please pull over to the right side of the road. We will also be enhancing our communitys safety through this experiment.

The experiment is being conducted by three sixth graders in Manheim, Pennsylvania. I am sure that it will be a learning experience for them. Best of luck. This one will be difficult to get approval. Beware of the NAB.

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jeff said...

Ummm. Wait one minuite... when I play the music, its from XM and not on the FM band. I like the Idea but it should be on a seperate band and use a signal that causes a receiver to automaticly switch to the emergency band. Yes all new receiver would need to be mandated but within 15-20 years it would be nearly done if implimented now.

Bert said...

Many listeners use the built-in FM modulator in their satellite radio receiver. It transmits to the FM band on the user's FM radio. So, this experiment would effect those that don't have some sort of direct connect for their satellite radio.

I've seen drivers get into arguments with emergency responders over who had the right of way. Unfortunately, stupidity is hard to solve by technology.

It's good to see these kids thinking about how to solve problems, but I don't think it has a prayer of being approved by the FCC.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, if the NAB rejects this, they'll reject saving lives!

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