Saturday, December 23, 2006

NAB Chimes in Again on the Repeater Issues

The NAB chimed in once again on the XM and Sirius repeater issues, urging the FCC to place all the XM and Sirius repeater out there for public comment. All of there are. The NAB no doubt wants to bring up the local broadcasting again, even though they were rebuffed by the FCC during the WCS buildout consideration for doing so.

They made the point that Frank Jazzo of Fletcher, Heald, & Hildreth was there representing the Alaska Broadcast Association. Although Sirius' request to operate repeaters there was not at the time put out there for public comment (it was place there this past Friday), it is a clear indication that they intend to oppose Sirius' request. Satellite radio is authorized in Alaska, though neither XM nor Sirius offically offer the service there. In our opinion, competition with local broadcasters should not even be considered by the FCC. Nor should the radio offerings by XM or Sirius be denied to the Alaskan people. They have so few choices to begin with. I hope the good people of Alaska let the FCC and congress know how they feel about any attempts by NAB to limit their already limited options.

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