Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Method and Apparatus for Concatenated Convolutional Encoding and Interleaving

Last Thursday, XM had a patent application disclosed that helps to reduce the effects of multi-path fading, effectively reducing dropouts. It was almost missed. Nowhere in the application is XM or satellite radio mentioned. It could be that they are trying to broaden the applicability of this invention. Rather that referring to it has a Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service, they refer to it as a digital broadcast system (DBS).

United States Patent Application 20060280206
Kind Code A1
Marko; Paul D. December 14, 2006

Method and apparatus for concatenated convolutional encoding and interleaving


A method and apparatus encode a source data stream via convolutional encoding. Plural encoded data streams are interleaved and transmitted on plural transmission channels. Data groups generated via convolutional encoding are interleaved via time-interleaving functions to disperse selected bits within puncture groups of the data groups, bits in between data groups, and bits in selected sets of data groups to facilitate reconstruction of the source data stream from at least a portion of the interleaved data stream received on at least one transmission channel. The time-interleaving functions are selected to facilitate reconstruction of the source data stream from one transmission channel following continuous blockage. Subsets of bits of puncture groups are selected to allow reconstruction of the source data stream from more than one of the transmission channels using a minimum number of subsets. Multiple combinations of subsets can be received on both transmission channels to reconstruct the source data stream following blockage of one channel. Decoding is performed via a Viterbi decoder.

Inventors: Marko; Paul D.; (Pembroke Pines, FL)
Correspondence Name and Address:
1300 19TH STREET, N.W.
Serial No.: 390499
Series Code: 11
Filed: March 28, 2006

U.S. Current Class: 370/477; 370/535
U.S. Class at Publication: 370/477; 370/535
Intern'l Class: H04J 3/18 20060101 H04J003/18; H04J 3/04 20060101 H04J003/04

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