Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ki Ryung and Wistron Neweb Update Receivers

Friday, December 22, 2006, Ki Ryung and Wistron NeWeb received re-certification on Class II permission changes to the Sportster 3 and Sportster 4 (Ki Ryung) and the StarMate 3 and Stratus receivers (Wistron NeWeb). The Class II Permissive Change was for the addition of an FM Remote Extender to these models.

There have been so many certifications are re-certifications that it is getting difficult to keep track of them. This Class II permission change is for the Sportster 3 that was re-certified on August 31, 2006, and not the ones certified on October 20 or November 3. The one for the Sportser 4 was for the one originally certified on May 4, 2006. Perhaps the one certified on November 03 was for the Canadian market. It added the FM loop antenna back in and had a "C" suffix on the FCC ID. The Wistron NeWeb certifications appear to be for the older receivers as well (originally certified on September 15). Perhaps this allows them to offer the FM Remote Extender for the older radios in order to improve reception. It could be that the Big Boxes were selling old stock. We know that this was the case for XM in some locations. Earlier models of re-certified Sirius radios did not include the FM Remote Extenders. Without the extenders, these radios are likely to perform poorly where FM modulation is required. By contrast, XM's earlier attempts were to place a ferrite bead on the end of the antenna. The FCC ultimately rejected this idea, but not before significant numbers were in the supply chain. These are essentially the same radios as before the FCC implemented restrictions, so these should not have issues.

The FM Remote Extender plugs into the 2.5 mm FM Out jack of the receiver. It allows the end user to place the FM signal near the vehicle's FM glass antenna for applications where using the satellite receiver's FM modulator is the chosen option.

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