Saturday, December 23, 2006

FCC Moves on Applications

On Friday, the FCC accepted two more XM applications for filing. These two applications, along with one from Sirius were designated at "permit but disclose" for the purpose of creating a full and complete public record, meaning that there will be comment periods where all interested parties may comment on the merits of the applications.

The XM applications were for 180 day requests to operate repeaters at tradeshows and PGA events. The Sirius request is for the operation of repeaters in Hawaii and Alaska.

Will the exception of the two most recently filed applications for each of the satellite radio providers, the FCC has now at least taken first actions on all applications filed this year.

XM recently filed 30 day requests to relocate its repeater at the StarDust Hotel and to operate a repeater at PGA events. The one for the PGA events was requested because the FCC had been dragging their feet on the 180 request.

Sirius has a request to operate 15 low power repeaters and a second 30 day request to relocate and operate its repeater formerly located at the StarDust Hotel. The FCC expediously granted the first request; however, after the WCS Coalition protested, they are dragging their feet on granting the second request.

In addtion, the two request--one for XM and one for Sirius--previously posted here were formerly announced on Friday.

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