Friday, December 15, 2006

Delphi Patent Application for Customizable Data in a Satellite Radio System

Yesterday, Delphi had an interesting patent application disclosed for satellite radio. The summary describes the invention best and is given below:


[0008] The present invention provides an apparatus and method for providing additional digital data to an SDAR receiver to allow user customization in an SDAR system. The invention involves providing an SDAR receiver with interfacing circuitry and a user interface to allow for user selected content to be delivered to the SDAR receiver. This allows the use of existing SDAR receiver designs in conjunction with a computer interface module to provide both the variety of content available through satellite broadcasts with the user specific content available through conventional digital audio players.

[0009] In one embodiment, digital files in a satellite format are provided through a computer interface to the SDAR receiver. In another embodiment of the invention, conventional digital data files are provided through a computer interface encoded in the satellite format for playing by the SDAR receiver. The digital data files may be originally stored in the SDAR format in one embodiment, and in another embodiment the data files are converted to SDAR format on demand.

[0010] In another embodiment of the invention, the computer interface is a wireless interface, such as a WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, or other wireless communication technology. In another embodiment, the computer interface is a direct connection to a computer or computer network. The computer interface provides the mechanism by which the additional data specified by the user may be obtained.

[0011] Existing SDAR digital formatted data may thus be delivered through conventional SDAR signals. The same SDAR digital formatted data may be created by a computer from another digital data source, for example from a CD-ROM formatted data file, an MP3 formatted data file, or a DVD formatted data file. In one embodiment, a library of digital audio files in SDAR formatted data is provided through a computer network for delivering specified content to the an SDAR receiver, for example a hand held SDAR receiver. In another embodiment, the computer interface is used to create SDAR formatted digital audio files from existing audio files in other formats, for use on an SDAR receiver.


United States Patent Application 20060281401
Kind Code A1
DiBiaso; Eric A. ; et al.

December 14, 2006

Method and system to acquire customizable data in a satellite radio system


The present invention involves a media player and method for providing digital audio data in satellite digital audio radio (SDAR) format. The media player includes a satellite radio receiver, audio circuitry for reproducing sound from signals provided by the satellite radio receiver, and a computer interface circuit configured for accessing audio information files. The media player may have an antenna for receiving satellite radio broadcasts, and another antenna for a wireless connection. The media player may further have a control and display for interfacing with a source of digital audio files, such as through a network connection. The invention also includes a converter for providing audio files from digital audio files that are formatted for satellite digital audio radio (SDAR), with a source interface adapted to connect to a source of audio files, a translator adapted to create an SDAR formatted digital audio file, and a media player interface adapted to connect to a media player. The method of providing satellite digital audio radio (SDAR) formatted digital audio files to a SDAR enabled media player includes accessing a source of digital audio files with an interface of the media player, and playing a SDAR formatted digital audio file with the media player.

DiBiaso; Eric A.; (Kokomo, IN) ; Patel; Jayesh S.; (Warren, NJ)

Correspondence Name and Address:
M/C 480-410-202
PO BOX 5052

Serial No.: 151612
Series Code: 11
Filed: June 13, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 455/3.02
U.S. Class at Publication: 455/003.02
Intern'l Class: H04H 1/00 20060101 H04H001/00

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